Kindred Travelers are a diverse group, brought together from every walk of life. They are primarily over the age of 50, and they are eager to age fearlessly, enthusiastically and with pride. Solo travelers, couples and partners, Kindred Travelers are looking for well-planned affordable tours with likeminded people. They are curious about the greater world and interested in a more meaningful connection with their fellow travelers. They are exactly the people you’ve been hoping to meet!

I moved to Arizona in 2009 and I didn’t know anybody. Traveling with Kindred Tours not only introduced me to my new state, with all of its history, backroads and great scenery, but I’ve also made new friends. As a single woman, I travel confidently with Kindred Tours, exploring the American Southwest and destinations that I would have never thought of heading off to on my own.

Barbara Pitney

Our experience with Kindred Tours has always been fantastic. The hard work has already been done for us. We know signing up that our tour has been well-planned, with a professional driver at the wheel, and a great tour guide leading the way. We’re able to relax and enjoy every moment. But most of all it’s the people, there’s nothing like traveling with a small group of friends.

Don & Bev Buck

I love the variety of trips offered by Kindred Tours! I’ve enjoyed everything-from half day local tours to cruises, and I’ve always felt safe. That’s important to me.

Nancy Appel